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As an independent vendor, we help maximize the value of data in business. Let's work together to make the future meaningful.

Services of Cognitive Data

Cognitive Data is a company that contributes to society through continuous product-centric management services that leverage information technology and knowledge.

Web site development and marketing

From websites to applications to embedded systems, we provide solutions from proposals through design and construction.

Design and build of enterprise systems

We help you design and build the platforms you need for your enterprise systems, including servers, storage, software, and analytics.

Design, build, monitor, and operate IT infrastructure

Support the design and planning of IT services, including IT infrastructure construction, maintenance, operations, outsourcing, and cloud services.

System operation, maintenance, and user support

We provide comprehensive support from system monitoring and operation, including handling of equipment damage, answering questions from users, to investigating problems and providing suggestions on how to solve them.

Solution Services

Solutions such as open source, security, and analytics.